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We arrived in Prague a little late in the day, but not too late to meet up with our friend Magnus from Sweden and a few of his friends for a meal and drinks. There was a futbol (soccer) game on at the bar we were at, Czech Republic vs. Northern Ireland. The game was being played right there in Prague, but both teams were already out of contention for the world cup, so the game was more of an excuse for a bunch of Irishmen to come visit Prague for the tasty beer.
This is Darren and Magnus at a bar we went to after the game was over. As you can see, we were having a great time!

The next day we decided to meet up with Magnus, Freddy, Linda, and Toby for lunch. We ate at a small brewery and of course tried their many flavors they had to offer. There was a banana one that was surprisingly good. It also became apparent that the Czechs have three major food groups; meat, sauerkraut, and dumplings.
After some coffee and deserts we split up and decided to meet back up at a Brazilian restaurant that Freddy had been to before and said it was wonderful, so we had to try it.

They bring large skewers of various meats and seafood, plus a big selection from a salad bar. Lets just say we stuffed ourselves silly. Its like the restaurant Epanema in Seattle, except there were more exotic meats, like chicken and duck hearts, liver, etc. It was sooo good, though definitely not a meal for vegetarians. We saw a couple having drinks out of this really cool three-tiered glass and we all decided we wanted to try it, since it looked so fancy.
It was way too strong for me, but I managed to get most of it down before passing the rest to Darren.

The next day we decided to join on a free tour of Prague. We had planned to make it to the one at 11am, but just as we went to get some coffee and came back the guide had left and we couldn't find her again. So, we ended up going to the 2pm tour. In the meantime to save some money we went to the grocery store for supplies for spaghetti and cooked back at our hostel. Our hostel was really nice, the room was huge! We were in basically a 2 bedroom apartment with a full kitchen. We just shared the bathroom and kitchen with one other couple. It was great.

We made it to the tour on time this time determined not to miss it. Our guide was hilarious, so we stuck it out through the horrible cold and rain that lasted all day. Since it was rainy and cold I didnt take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are a few that I did take.
Gothic Church

Gothic Church

After the tour we finished off our spaghetti and met up with our friends for a highly recommended pub crawl. The first stop on the pub crawl was at a cool bar. The first hour and a half was all you could drink offerings of tasty Czech beer, along with shots of vodka, rum, and absinth. These were pretty dangerous options so most of us, except Linda, who said they all tasted like candy ;-), paced ourselves. The second stop on the crawl was a dance club, so we left and ended up at a tiny bar that was filled with Japanese and we taught them how to play quarters, probably drove our waitress nuts, but it was fun. One of the guys was a manager of a famous Japanese conductor and he was showing off some pictures of him that he had on his phone.

The next day we actually went to KFC for some fried chicken to settle our stomachs and possibly our heads :-)
Later that day Magnus, Darren and I decided to check out a church decorated in bones about a 45 min train ride away. It was amazing.
All of the bones are from those who passed during the Black Plague.

Once we got back to Prague we met up again with everyone to say our goodbye's and have one last glass of a Czech brew before we had to catch our night train to Krakow, Poland.

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We totally missed that bone museum when we went to Prague...we knew we should have gone..darnit!! Looks like you guys are having an amazing time!! Keep blogging...we need the inspiration (we're starting to get a little nervous about travelling...you know the drill ;)

by Beth

Wow Beth! you and Justin are quick. We just put that out there. The Bone Chapel is in Kunta Hora. Apparently there's a lot to see there other then the Chapel, but that was as far as we got. Prague was a fun place the weather kinda sucked. I think at one point we were wearing all the clothes we had packed. Can't wait till you guys start blogging so we can provide prompt feedback :) We'll be in Egypt on the 17th so we'll make sure to fill you in on that.


by crantravel

Can I say springfest? looks like you are "parttaking" in the festivities that Prague has to offer......love it when I go to your blog and there is Darren and your swedish friend tear'n it up!!! love it good luck in Egypt, I want a full report when you are done so we know what to do and where to stay, we will be there Dec 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait the 28th.....it's a long flight.

by Justin Barth

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